Today we’re announcing the release of AirScope 21.11.0.  AirScope is a software radio air interface analyzer for 4G mobile wireless networks providing real-time over-the-air decoding capabilities for network analysis using whitebox compute hardware and generic off-the-shelf SDR frontends. AirScope captures the downlink signal of a local network, decodes the control channel for all active users in the cell and provides detailed cell-wide and per-user statistics via log files, packet captures and trace metrics.

This new release brings a range of new features and performance improvements, including:

  • An option for explicit cell selection via physical cell ID (PCI), which is especially useful in densely populated areas with high coverage.
  • Airscope operation without a radio frontend via ZeroMQ now supports the two socket types; REQ and SUB.
  • We also added experimental support to decode the PDSCH of UEs that are configured to support 256-QAM in the downlink.

For more information on Airscope features and pricing, please contact: