SRS provides the most flexible RAN software on the market today. At MWC 2024 in Barcelona this week we are showcasing our 5G RAN solution on 3 separate deployment architectures: AMD (Epyc 8004), Intel (Xeon Ice Lake) and Ampere (ARM Neoverse N1). Our RAN software is a complete L1/2/3 solution for 5G, developed 100% in-house by the SRS engineering teams.

The SRS 5G RAN solution delivers world-class performance;  for pure-software vRAN deployments, 6 cells (100MHz 4T4R) run within a 150W TDP envelope. This expands to 12 cells with the addition of hardware FEC acceleration via on-chip or PCIe solutions.

The solution supports both O-RAN Fronthaul split-7.2 and split-8 radios and is pre-integrated with radios from more than 10 vendors ensuring more choice to our customers for their indoor or outdoor deployment needs.

As a scalable 5G RAN solution, our software offers total flexibility in deployment options, whether that’s a CloudRAN deployment as a CNF with Kubernetes and Helm or as a bare-metal vRAN deployment on any Linux OS. For small-cell use-cases our 5G RAN solution runs embedded and integrates with third-party L1 SoCs via FAPI.

Our pure-software 5G RAN solution, built 100% by the SRS team, is available for product customization through source code licensing. Developed with ease of modification in mind, our source code licenses support product differentiation and integration of novel IP, and give our customers the flexibility to make changes tailored to their business needs.

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