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Private 5G Networks

Maximum reliability, flexibility & performance
for Private & Enterprise 5G Network operators

As an ORAN-native full-stack solution our CU/DU is fully separable, fully containerized, portable across processor architectures and scalable from a RaspberryPi to a Data Center.

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    100% SRS
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Private 5G Network Solution

Empowering Systems Integrators and Private Network Operators

Private 5G networks allow enterprises and organisations to commission and control their own networks in order to meet their business needs. srsRAN Enterprise 5G simplifies the ways in which our customers can build their networks.

Robotic arm in an Enterprise & Private 5G Network

Dedicated, secure and highly customisable wireless communication infrastructure

Unlike other technologies options for private networking, a 5G network offers guarantees around coverage, performance and security. 

  • manipulator
    Broad range of hardware
    With support for split-7.2 and FAPI, srsRAN Enterprise 5G supports the broadest range of radio hardware options. You choose what’s right for your network’s demands.
  • open-source (3)
    Highly customisable
    Our modifiable and modular code lets you make the choices right for your network. Our team is experienced in working with System Integrators to optimise network performance in challenging deployments.

Reliability, lower-latency and tighter control over the service levels required on your network

With Private 5G, you can decide on the most cost-effective deployment and ownership options. That can be anything from a wholly owned on-premise network to a hybrid private-public cloud network maximising the benefits of leased equipment and leveraging the benefits of additional hyperscaler services.

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    On-premise networks
    srsRAN Enterprise 5G can run locally on commodity servers in your campus.
  • symmetric
    Cloud deployments
    Or choose to leverage the benefits and flexibility of hyperscaler infrastructure coupled with srsRAN Enterprise 5G.
Private 5G Network Solution

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