srsRAN Enterprise 5G is the new ORAN-native 5G CU/DU solution to simplify OpenRAN for Private and Enterprise 5G networks. A complete software solution developed in-house by SRS, srsRAN Enterprise 5G includes the full stack from IP to I/Q. The broadest range of radio hardware options are supported with functional splits 8, 7.2 and 6 via FAPI. Portable across processor architectures, the solution provides maximum flexibility for systems integrators and private network operators. With srsRAN Enterprise 5G we aim to simplify OpenRAN by offering a fully portable, highly scalable and full-stack software solution that’s ideally suited to the needs of the Private and Enterprise 5G market.

Paul Sutton, CEO of Software Radio Systems, said: “We’re delighted to announce our new ORAN-native CU/DU solution, srsRAN Enterprise 5G at MWC Barcelona. We’ve invested in developing this product over the last 18 months as we see the need for a complete solution that fully addresses the opportunities and challenges for OpenRAN in the Private and Enterprise 5G space.

“srsRAN Enterprise 5G will give our customers – systems integrators and private network operators – a new and compelling RAN option for their OpenRAN deployments. Building on our experience of developing performant and customisable RAN solutions, srsRAN Enterprise 5G has been developed with the aim of simplifying OpenRAN – making it as easy as possible for customers to integrate with third-party vendors and offering access to the broadest range of hardware deployment options.

“We believe in providing source-code solutions which are accessible and modifiable by our customers. Beyond simply adopting OpenRAN interfaces, this changes the game for OpenRAN interoperability by opening the complete RAN software stack. We believe that OpenRAN’s success will be reliant on it being more than a collection of interconnected black boxes. srsRAN Enterprise 5G addresses that requirement.

“As we progress a programme of partner integrations with O-RU, L1 SoC, RIC, SMO and Core network solutions in advance of making srsRAN Enterprise 5G commercially available this July, we look forward to working with our customers to accelerate the adoption of OpenRAN solutions.”

The first release of the 3GPP Rel. 15-compliant srsRAN Enterprise 5G offers TDD/FDD FR1 operation, up to 100MHz bandwidth, 15kHz/30kHz SCS, 4T4R MIMO, Multi-cell and multi-BWP, NGAP and Xn handover. The CU/DU will also be available as independent CU-UP, CU-CP and DU applications. It includes the E2 interface with KPM and RC E2SMs, O1 interface to SMO, FAPI support (functional Split 6) and Fronthaul Splits 8 and 7.2 (Cat A). Support is also included for Intel’s ACC100 vRAN accelerator and Intel vRAN Boost. srsRAN Enterprise 5G supports 1000+ connected UEs.

100% SRS, Softwarized and Scalable

srsRAN Enterprise 5G is a fully virtualized ORAN-native CU/DU solution. From Layer 1 through Layer 3, from I/Q to IP, every component has been written by SRS. Fully containerized, srsRAN Enterprise 5G can be stood up on any white-box hardware in minutes. It can be targeted to both on-premise servers and cloud infrastructure as dictated by the constraints of the intended network deployment. 

Portable and Separable

srsRAN Enterprise 5G is fully portable across Intel, ARM and AMD processors with SIMD optimizations. On ARM, our solution can optionally be configured to exploit the ARM RAN Acceleration Library, while on Intel we support vRAN Boost. Where network deployment constraints call for independent CU-CP, CU-UP and DU deployments, independent applications targeting different compute hardware and processors can be used for each component. 

Modular and Modifiable

srsRAN is a fully modular ORAN-native solution designed for easy integration with third-party components. Available in both binary application and modifiable source code formats. Both the CU and DU can be customized for special-purpose deployments. As an open and scrutable solution, srsRAN Enterprise 5G will lower barriers to integration and innovation beyond the benefits brought by simply adopting standardized interfaces. 

Partner Integrations

srsRAN Enterprise 5G has been designed with integration in mind to accommodate a range of demands from system integrators and network operators. In preparation for our commercial release of srsRAN Enterprise 5G we’re progressing a programme of integrations with select partners in the OpenRAN ecosystem. These integrations will ensure our customers can readily build-out a multi-vendor network. 

L1 SoC. srsRAN Enterprise 5G’s L2/L3 can be readily integrated with a variety of accelerated L1 SoCs over FAPI offering choices to customers who want to exploit hardware acceleration for the DU-low. srsRAN Enterprise 5G has been pre-integrated with Picocom’s PC802.

O-RU. Fronthaul split 7.2 support is included for easy integration with O-RU Cat A devices. The solution is pre-integrated with select partner solutions including Benetel’s RAN550 and RAN650.

RIC, SMO & Core. E2 and O1 interfaces allow for integration with SMO and RIC frameworks of your choice. srsRAN Enterprise 5G supports a broad range of core network solutions including the Druid Software Raemis platform.

SRS is attending MWC Barcelona next week. You’ll find us in Hall 2 at our meeting room 2A45MR. You’ll find our srsRAN Enterprise 5G ARM demonstration in Hall 2 at Stand 2160.

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