SRS LTE software suite supports Epiq Solutions’ Sidekiq M.2

Supports Epiq Solutions Sidekiq

The SRS LTE software suite now includes support for the popular Sidekiq™ M.2 software defined radio (SDR) cards from Epiq Solutions . The combined technologies enable the development of custom LTE processing solutions in super small form factor radios for size-constrained applications, such as small UAS/UAVs. Sidekiq support is included in the commercially-available versions of the SRS LTE suite.

The SRS LTE software suite is a high-performance, modular LTE library that supports a broad range of 4G LTE capability, such as eNodeB (basestation), UE (mobile device), and other backend components needed to provide LTE connectivity. These software-based components run on general purpose computing platforms such as laptops and embedded computer modules.

With SRS’s support, the Sidekiq M.2 SDR card acts as an RF front end for the SRS LTE software suite. Sidekiq M.2 brings a MIMO-capable, flexible radio transceiver plus PCIe interface to the host computer, all in a form factor measuring 30mm x 42mm x 4mm. Customers who have already deployed Sidekiq M.2 now have the option of adding LTE to their processing application solutions without investing in new hardware.

The flexibility of SRS LTE allows it to scale to run on general purpose processors both small and large, making it ideal for embedded systems. Sidekiq M.2 also supports embedded system deployments by utilizing a standard M.2 card form factor which simplifies final system integration.

“The addition of Sidekiq M.2 support to the SRS LTE software suite offers our customers a powerful, low SWaP solution for tailored, agile 4G solutions,” noted Paul Sutton, Director at SRS. “The SRS software suite includes complete LTE UE, eNodeB and EPC solutions, as well as custom products such as AirScope, the over-the-air LTE analysis toolbox. Each of these applications can now be brought from the lab to the field using robust, small-form-factor platforms based on Sidekiq M.2.”

“The Sidekiq M.2/SRS LTE integration gives our customers the ability to add LTE networking to their systems and integrate it with their own custom applications using the M.2,” stated Aaron Madsen, Chief Technologist at Epiq Solutions. “This provides a new solution for size-constrained networking problems and expands the list of use cases which can be quickly addressed by our low-SWAP hardware.”

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