SRS is delighted to announce that our latest public release, srsRAN 21.10, is available from today. This release sees the addition of 5G Non-Standalone (NSA) functionality to our eNB stack, complementing the 5G NSA UE application we released last April with 21.04.

5G NSA mode builds upon existing 4G infrastructure with the addition of a secondary NR (5G) carrier for high-rate data traffic. The 5G NR PHY introduces significant flexibility as well as LDPC forward-error correction to provide increased efficiency at higher data rates.

Our user documentation provides a number of guides to get started with 5G NSA research, development and prototyping. Use virtual radios to build an end-to-end system, connect srsUE to a third-party network or deploy your own network and use off-the-shelf 5G handsets.

Looking forward to 2022, we are progressing the development of initial 5G Standalone (SA) applications; 21.10 already contains many of the building blocks used for SA operation. 5G SA, as the name suggests, will offer a legacy-free basis for research, development, prototyping and the building of innovative products and services in a variety of exciting and challenging verticals and environments.

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